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Triolab’s sweet Christmas calendar

Waiting for Christmas can test children’s patience, but many adults are also looking forward to their winter holidays. Fortunately, Christmas calendars make the waiting a little easier! The Triolab office has developed its own delicious version.

For many years, the Triolab office in Turku has organised a gift raffle, in which the participants bring a gift worth a few euros anonymously wrapped to the office. During coffee breaks on each business day before Christmas, a ticket has been drawn from a jar, and the person mentioned on the ticket has received a gift. The package has been unwrapped, and the gift has been admired together.

This year, we have replaced our little Christmas gifts with sweets. Those who want to participate bring two or three scoops of their favourite pick-and-mix sweets in a bag to the office, where the sweets are repacked in bags with no labels, and the bags are numbered. One bag of sweets is opened during morning coffee breaks on each business day before Christmas. The sweets are tasted and discussed among those present, and then everyone tries to guess whose favourite sweets they just tasted.

In the spirit of Christmas, we will be sharing pictures of the calendar sweets and comments (in Finnish) on their taste here!