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Tecan Multimode Readers

Multimode readers

In our range, you can find microplate readers for various purposes. It includes advanced multimode readers that enable imaging, and effective and rapid absorbance readers for ELISA analyses, for example. As multimode readers can be customised, we can offer the best package to match your needs.

Spark multimode reader

The Spark reader is suitable for ELISA measurements, basic research, imaging and even demanding drug sensitivity testing. Compared to traditional multimode readers, Spark offers unique flexibility. It enables long-term experiments on living cells and the conditioning of functions, for example.

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Spark Cyto imaging multimode reader

Tecan’s Spark Cyto is an imaging multimode reader capable of dynamic measurements. With it, cellular study can be faster and more versatile than with conventional methods. Spark Cyto performs real-time fluorescence imaging, as well as many cytometric analyses, and it combines qualitative and quantitative results in unique entities.

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