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Liquid handling robots and multimode readers increasing throughput

Industrial scale enzyme producer Roal has accelerated their enzyme discovery and screening activities using Tecan's liquid handling robots and multimode plater readers.

Our Rajamäki-based customer Roal Oy is one of the largest enzyme producing companies in the world. Their core competence areas are Trichoderma, Aspergillus and Bacillus fermentations – producing enzymes for different industrial applications.

Roal has automated large parts of its enzyme discovery and screening activities to accelerate product development and optimization. In the heart of speeding up the processes there are i.a. Tecan’s liquid handling robots and multimode plater readers (Freedom EVO, Fluent, Spark, Infinite 200 PRO).

Triolab’s technical product manager Tom Rontu has been installing and maintaining Tecan devices and training their use at Roal for more than ten years.

Cooperation with Roal has always been straightforward and easy. It’s impressive to see how they keep on developing their processes. Our relationship is built on mutual respect.Tom Rontu

Tecan has written an article about the automatisation of Roal’s laboratories in their website.


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