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Research Product Event Tampere

Research Product Event Tampere

Come grab a snack and see Tecan’s MagicPrep instrument that is presented for the first time in Finland!

Time: Wednesday 13th of March, 10-13
Location: Arvo, lobby F101 (Arvo Ylpön katu 34, Tampere)

Enhancing research with Tecan´s products:

MagicPrep NGS library prep

Walk away automation for NGS library prep at the press of a button.

Uno single cell dispenser

Fast, viable and accurate single cell dispensing.

Liquid handling and robotics

Fluent and EVO liquid handlers automate a variety of workflows including sample preparation for PCR or LC-MS and DNA extration.
D300e Digital Dispenser for picoliter-level dispensing.

Plate readers

Microplate readers Spark, Spark Cyto, Infinite F50 and Sunrise for various purposes ranging from rapid absorbance measurements to advanced imaging.

Plate washers

Efficiency and accuracy for microplate washes with Hydrospeed and Hydroflex.


See you at Tampere University on March 13th or contact us and let´s discuss about possibilities of enhancing your research!


MagicPrep NGS